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Kaimio, H. Munich Meyer and R. The texts were acquired by the Hof- und Staatsbibliothek now Staatsbibliothek in Munich according to L. Paderborn et al. See Catalogo dei Papiri Ercolanesi , compiled under the direction of M.


Part 1, pp. Part 2, pp. There is material in this volume which has not been republished. The details are found in P. Sijpesteijn and K. There are also 2 additional texts Stud. V and P. I 87 in appendices.

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Ernshtedt Jernstedt. Leningrad, Izd-vo Akademii nauk. Cotton and A. Discoveries in the Judaean Desert There is also one Greek text, no. Uppsala and Leipzig Brussels p. Harrauer and R. Demotica 3. Kalbfleisch et al. The texts are published according to site cave where found. From Jericho nos. Texts reprinted in SB Beiheft 2, On the Goodspeed papyri in general, see ZPE 16 27— Berlin-Leipzig Reedition by W.

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Clarysse in Enchoria 14 43— Kurth, H. Thissen and M. Opladen Kropp, A.

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Hermann and M. Teil 1 contains 2 Demotic texts, Teil 2, 3 non-documentary Coptic texts. Klassisch-philologische Studien Text reprinted as SB VI New fragment of col. Includes many documents previously published in P. Reprint in Subsidia Byzantina lucis ope iterata 18, with an introduction by A.

A new version of no.

Richter ; no. Translations of 38 of these texts are in W. Leeds Texts mostly reedited in UPZ; P. XLVI This volume has descriptions and plates only, no texts. Hoogendijk and P. Philadelphia Transactions of the American Philosophical Society N. Schriften der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft in Strassburg 1. In many American libraries there is a translation of this volume privately printed by the Toledo Ohio Museum of Art where the papyrus resides.

In addition to the Libbey papyrus two other texts are published here. At present 7 vols. VI continues the numerical sequence of the London papyri, but forms a separate publication regarded as vol. VI only retroactively. Up to the end of vol.

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III, texts are usually cited by volume no. There are separate atlases of plates to vols. Bagnall, J. Keenan and L. Contains texts of many inedita, together with descriptions of texts published previously, especially those in Classical Texts from Papyri in the British Museum, ed. Kenyon, London A new edition of P. III Vestigia 53 [Beck]. Clackson and A. Years and page nos. CPS 2. Norsa and G. Vatican City Biblioteca Vaticana, Studi e Testi Cotton and J. Jerusalem Madrid Cuadernos de la Fundacion Pastor de Estudios Clasicos There are two demotic texts.

There are Demotic signatures on the ostraca at nos. Each volume has a subtitle of its own. The numerical sequence of volumes as a single series was not established until vol. I is often referred to as P. Gagos and P. New Texts from Ancient Cultures I.

Contains a reedition of P. Studies, Humanistic Series III, Letters and documents on papyrus, ed. Worrell and E. Husselman, pp. Apollo See also under O. Etmoulon; the index includes all the papyri and ostraca published in this volume. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Dissertation, University of Chicago Six documentary texts are edited. There are notes on these texts at JEA 28 73— One text has been published as P. Michailidis of Cairo , ed.

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For the dispersal of this collection, see ZPE — S. Clackson ; Emerita 64 S. Montevecchi et al. Aegyptus 69 [] 5—60; texts reprinted as SB XX — The von Scherling Papyrus Collection. Some von Scherling Texts in Minnesota , ed. Bakker, A. Bakkers and K. Cincinnati BASP 44 [] pages 41— Indices, ed.

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Griffith Institute Monographs. Crum and H. Evelyn White. The texts are found on pp. The Greek graffiti, nos. Heisenberg and L. Leipzig-Berlin Corpus of Illuminated Manuscripts, 4—5. Oriental series 1. This is not an edition but a catalogue, listing in volume 1 the Coptic items in the Morgan Library.

Of these nos. Volume 2 is an Album of Photographic Plates. In vol. Pushkina , ed. Leningrad Benoit, J. Milik and R. Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan 2.