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Thereby, the reader should be able to receive whatever he or she wants. In this thesis, the form, content and impact of The Secret are compared to a This form is being explained by combining research on postmodern religion and spirituality with that on therapeutic culture.

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The Secret is being analyzed on its message, narrative of revelation, forms of authority, institutionalization and vision on humans. I never got over it. A "soundtrack" to Lipstick Traces , compiling many of the songs referenced in the book, was released by Rough Trade Records in In , the book was adapted into a stage production by Rude Mechanicals a. Rude Mechs of Austin, TX. The play has been performed all across the United States- including a stint Off-Broadway in and in Salzburg, Austria.

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This is important because why you want it is what will keep you going in the hard times. So, step one is getting a hold of what and why.

Once you know what you have set out to achieve, it is important to decide on a viable way to reach your desired goal. There can different ways to be successful at doing something but it is essential to utilize your resources fruitfully and pick the most viable path. It is also crucial to not waste all your time obsessing over what the most ideal way to do something is. With the massive era of competition in the 21st century, starting something new or big can be the most difficult part. Analyzing the best way to do things can be helpful but what is really going to get you going is throwing yourself into the hustle.

We live in an era where anything can be known within seconds.

The Leadership 'Secret' That Smart Leaders Have Known for a Century

With an abundance of knowledge in the digital space, it becomes difficult to understand what to grasp and how. All education is no longer a good education when there is so much irrelevant information out there.

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It is important to educate yourself in your desired field and also other fields for a balanced outlook in life. Basic education in all aspects is necessary to sustain yourself on this path to success.

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  • In our age, the emphasis is laid on being able to sustain in the hectic race that life has become. Sacrificing your health in order to achieve a goal is eventually counterproductive as a diminished body or state of mind will eventually succumb to deviating from this successful trip.

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    Your body is the sole entity in which you will have to exist for the rest of your life. You can device other goals, plans and even ambitions.

    The body remains constant. If one cannot be determined enough to take care of the shell that is going to contain them for a lifetime, then their determination in any other aspect is highly questionable. Take care of your body and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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    Alongside, your mental and emotional balance is equally important to maintain a state of stability. The road is your road to success, and body your irreplaceable vessel. It is said that an optimistic outlook can go a long way.