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I don't even remember how I got to the gate because I walked in a daze. Part of me welcomed the adventure and part of me wanted to remain rooted in London. The minute I stepped foot on that plane, it would be the furthest I had ever been away from my parents. The air hostess greeted me with enthusiasm as I handed her my boarding pass and passport. She tore off a stub, then handed it to me. A member of the cabin crew pointed to the middle of the plane, showing me where row F, seat ten was located.

I rummaged through my bag, pulling out the magazines and tossing them down on my seat, then stuffed my bag in the overhead compartment. After settling down in the window seat, I started to read. It was almost half an hour before the plane began to move, positioning itself along the runway. There was a brief pause before the pilot began the announcements. We are currently second in line for take-off There are six emergency exits on this aircraft No sooner had we ascended into the air, the intercom chimed with another announcement from the cockpit.

We are currently cruising at an altitude of thirty-three-thousand-feet at an airspeed of four-hundred miles per hour. The time is zero seven hundred hours The cabin crew came around with the on-flight breakfasts and the hot beverages. They were barely edible but at that point, I was so hungry and would've eaten a scabby dog if it was offered to me.


I was looking forward to the cup of tea but once I saw that it resembled dishwater, I immediately changed my mind and opted for a bottle of Tropicana instead. I wondered how long it would be before I tasted a decent cup of tea again and regretted not having packed any boxes of teabags into my suitcase. I was an avid Yorkshire Tea drinker. And the thought of going cold turkey from my favourite beverage, had me breaking out into a cold sweat. After I reread each magazine from back to back, I managed to fall asleep for a few hours, jerking awake every now and then as my arm slipped away from supporting my chin.

The in-flight movie burned up some of the time. I was grateful they didn't show a film like 'Alive' or 'Final Destination' or something along those lines. It was a new 'Beauty and the Beast' film. It made me wonder if it was at all possible for a beautiful woman to fall in love with such a creature.

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I struggled to relate because we all live in an age where looks matter, in order to spark an attraction. Although, in the absence of beauty, it is possible to be attracted to someone's personality. Thinking it through, I couldn't see myself spending the rest of my life with someone who was beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. I'd only ever had one serious boyfriend during my time at University.

It was a brief relationship that we both struggled to maintain with our hectic schedules. I wasn't in any hurry to pursue another relationship anytime soon.

My research project would make that exceptionally difficult. Finally, when the Captain announced that we would begin our descent for landing, I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. I wanted nothing more than to get up and stretch my legs, desperate to get to my lodgings and grab a shower, then crawl into a soft warm bed. My neck was stiff from struggling to get comfortable and failing miserably. I knew there were still hours of driving ahead of me to Forest Lake. A professor from the Michigan Technical University was meeting me in arrivals and taking me to the guest house.

I would be staying in the small town of Hawcroft: a quiet and friendly town north of Stonevale. As soon as the landing wheels hit the tarmac, my posture relaxed.

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It felt good to finally be back on the ground again. Once we were able to vacate our seats, I immediately reached for my belongings from the overhead compartment. I wanted to make a run for the baggage conveyor, in the hope that I could beat the stampede of passengers, desperate to retrieve their luggage.

I was one of the first to wait in the baggage area and I was also one of the last to retrieve all of my luggage. That was what Mum usually called, sod's law. She had tied a pink ribbon around each case so that mine would stand out from similar looking cases. I loaded each one onto a trolley and made my way towards the arrivals.

I only had to look around briefly, before I spotted a pleasant, yet nerdy looking man. His dark hair was combed to the side, and he wore glasses, a tweed suit jacket, that he'd teamed with an oxford shirt and jeans.

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He was glancing from left to right while holding up a cardboard plaque with my name scrawled on it. He eventually noticed me waving at him and smiled. You're a real English rose, aren't you? You're going to need to be careful up on the ridge, honey. The boys will be fighting amongst themselves over you," he chuckled with amusement. I blushed nervously at the compliment, deciding to brush off his clumsy attempt at a friendly welcome.

It didn't seem like he was used to talking to girls often, and was quick to switch the topic onto the weather.

We chatted briefly about how my flight was and whether or not I had been looking forward to spending time in Michigan. Despite the awkwardness at first, he loosened up and actually seemed quite nice. He was nothing in comparison to the stern, stiff upper lipped professors that I was used to back in London. We already sent all your equipment there in advance. The young couple who own the guest house are called, Helen and Sam Evans. They're a young married couple and have two little kids. They're lovely people.

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They'll take good care of you," he assured, putting my mind at ease. There's a lot of travelling through woodland and those roads aren't well lit. I let out a heavy sigh as I pulled the trolley over to where a blacked out SUV was waiting out front.

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Peter helped me load in all my luggage before opening the passenger side door for me. I hope you don't mind? This will be your car for the duration of your stay. I left mine at the guest house. I'd never have been able to fit all this luggage into my small car. You women don't exactly travel light, do you? I had no idea how I was going to find my way if I'm honest.

So thank you, you're a life saver," I replied. Apart from the few thoughtless comments, Peter was a really pleasant person to be stuck in a car with.