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He was secured to the anchor by his wrists and his body swayed with a slight movement created by the murky harbour waters. He was wearing dark-blue overalls tied at the waist with a yellow safety belt. Three men hung over the side of the ship, looking down at the hanging man. One of the men shouted instructions at the others below, who were desperately trying to reach the chain from a small launch. Their immediate dilemma was that if they managed to cut him free, would he end up in the water?

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Suggestions were being called from the port side by the professed experts in the audience. All of which were magnanimously ignored. He maintained radio contact as the chain was lowered and gave the order to stop when his colleague could safely grasp the body. The other officer quickly photographed the hanging corpse, and then zoomed in to take a close-up of the ties that bound him, before cutting him free.

The body was laid on the deck of the launch and checked for signs of life. As the boat steered towards the dockside, ambulance crews waited, and beyond them, further up the stone steps, a line of police officers kept the growing crowd at bay. Reporters and photographers had started to appear, and they too were held back. A paramedic boarded the launch and examined the lifeless body. After the well-rehearsed process, a blanket was placed over the corpse.

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The crowd started to disperse — not because they had been told to do so, more due to not being able to see anything gruesome. As the group diminished, Kim, a shipping clerk at the office of Pontus Freight Forwarding Limited, started out on her way home. She had to pass the kerfuffle to leave the port via the north exit, the point nearest her bus stop. As she asked, she caught sight of the police and paramedics transferring a body from a stretcher into a matt black body bag.

Kim just managed to glimpse the familiar slim face, partly covered by the long, dark hair.

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And then Kim spotted the fluorescent belt and overalls of her friend Ian. She gasped and clasped her hands to her face in the horrific realisation that Ian lay dead.

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She arrived late last night and pulled anchor to move to dry dock about an hour ago. He must have been under all of that time. He must have seriously upset someone. She thought about how she had tried to call Ian the evening before, at about 9 p. And how someone else had answered his mobile phone. She considered telling the police, but it was too public a place for that. She would have no idea who was watching.

As she passed through the port gate, two casually dressed men drew near to her from either side, forcefully guiding her to one side and behind some containers where they were out of sight of everyone else leaving the port.

February 12222

Shocked, she attempted to pull away but they gripped her arms tighter. What did you want to speak to Ian about last night? Leave me alone! I mean, look what happened to young Ian. Now answer the question. The taller of the two slapped her across the face. We may need to speak with you again.

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The riveting story of one of the most calamitous voyages in Australian history, the plague-stricken sailing ship Ticonderoga that left England for Victoria with doomed emigrants on board. A search for belonging in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs turns into a riotous satire of identity politics in this wildly irreverent coming-of-age story.

Rob has a huge crush on the new girl at school. But Rob is painfully shy and suffers severe panic attacks. How is her heart to be won? Another wonderful and heart-warming comedy drama from the award-winning author of My Life as an Alphabet. A haunting and deeply moving novel with a brilliant voice in the tradition of The Eye of the Sheep and Jasper Jones. A superbly written and compelling novel about the bonds of family and home set against the outback landscape. An utterly gripping action adventure in the grand tradition of Michael Crichton that will leave you breathless. From the co-author of the New York Times bestselling Illuminae Files comes the first book in a new series that's part Romeo and Juliet , part Terminator , and all adrenaline.

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At the end of the school year, fifteen-year-old high-achieving 'good girl' Vanessa Partridge re-invents herself and seeks out new life experiences as she asserts her independence. A wonderful and funny coming-of-age story set at the beach over the summer holidays. A pointed, amusing and highly-original story set in an alternate reality wherein every person's physical size is directly proportional to their wealth, by the best-selling author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

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