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Often we are so busy looking at everything in a passage that we fail to learn as much as we could by simply looking at the prayer in the passage. That is what this course is about: just prayer. In this 13 lesson course with enough material for 26 lessons the class studies Abraham, Moses, Ezra, Paul, Jesus and more solely from the standpoint of prayer, and what we can learn from their prayers.

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It is amazing what can be learned, for example, from Moses' prayer of intercession in Exodus 32 when we're not thinking about idolatry, peer pressure or many of the other points in the chapter. Isolating prayer passages like this can be a tremendous way to learn about praying. No credit card? From His first public message to His last, He emphasized prayer.

They watched Him pray. They saw the intimacy, the vulnerability, the intensity that came out of Him as He prayed—He emptied Himself of all of His divine privileges, throwing Himself fully on the Father.

Jesus, as the greatest leader ever, provoked one thing out of those who saw Him the most: a desire for His prayer life. This, right here, should cause every leader, whether it be leading two or two million, to reassess what exactly our impact is on those who are around us the most, those who see us the most and hear us the most.

Do they want our prayer life or our preaching gift?

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Our prayer life or our intellectual ability? Our networking skills? Our favor? Our wisdom?

When no one is watching, what is your life provoking the most in those that are around you? One of the most gifted orators in history understood this. Yet so few today, with lesser gifting, understand this.

What Charles understood is that all gifting, ability, and grace is born, cultivated, matured, and empowered through a life of prayer. And that love, that presence, that reality is only found in communion with Abba.

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