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Every great gaming console has a story behind it, though some truly unique ones have five. Five fantastic original stories introduce you to SINtendo, a mysterious company out of Japan that makes a system geared towards adult needs and adult entertainment. When one of these rarely seen systems finds it way into the hands of a high school kid, no one is safe from the pleasurable pursuits of gaming, not his friends, family, or even neighbors.

Kevin has always been into hanging out with his friends and gaming, but after inviting them over to try out the new SINtendo Whee! Months after the shock of walking in on their kids enjoying the SINtendo Whee! Kevin's parents decide to bring out the console one more time for a family game night, with adult supervision of course.

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Nothing can stop the chaos once they've begun the game, a Trivia title called Quizmaster Deluxe, and soon each player is relating quite well with their family members. Later, when the system has been put away and forbidden to be played, Kevin finds himself bored and decides to check out some other features of the system, discovering that creating your own gamer avatar can be much more interactive than he imagined, especially when he uses photos of girls at his school for the creation. After the surprising results from a simple avatar creation utility on the SINtendo Whee!

Kevin is cautious months later when he wants to again play a game. This time he plays alone and a game he is certain will not involve anyone he knows. His new neighbors moving in down the street might wish he'd stuck to who he knew as they find their move in day quite distracting, and in a purely carnal way. Finally, Kevin has found his precious game system locked away where he can't get to it. Gamers Set, exclusively available now.

Autocorrected English Edition By Kris P Kreme

Rated K for Kreme. By Amazon Customer This collection of related stories is very hot if you're into down-and-dirty erotic mind control. It might be a little extreme for some people as far as what happens during the mind control scenes no pain or anything like that, though. But lots of fun. Kreme Kindle. Posting Komentar.

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Any resemblance to actual people and events is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction. Published in the United States of America. SINtendo Whee Pop. A Breast Expansion Novella. Written by. Kris P. Okay, so I know this is going to sound crazy. There are days where I actually think I might be. All I can say is that no matter how out there I sound, this is an entirely true story.

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It will change you, and not just temporarily. You see, I was house-sitting for a family in my neighborhood. They were always a friendly. They seemed different somehow.

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It struck me as strange that the kids. The father also seemed to start taking much more lingering looks in my di-.

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