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Para su familia, esto era muy escandaloso. Martina: Trans people suffer extreme discrimination in general, but especially when it comes to finding a job. Martina: Danilo was shocked to learn this. Paola had been living and working on the street to survive, which drove her to abuse drugs and alcohol… and all the while her family had the means to support her.

Danilo: Paola me dijo que su familia era de un alto estatus social. He admired her determination to stay true to herself, but found it hard to accept the price she had to pay for that. Danilo: Nos dimos un abrazo fuerte. Danilo: Paola hizo una promesa.

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Only then would they allow her back into the family. Danilo: Yo estaba en casa cenando y viendo las noticias en la tele.

El Filibusterismo (Original Spanish Version)

Martina: Guayaquil is a city in the south, on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. The body had no ID and, according to journalists, the police had no idea who the killer was. Danilo had a sick feeling that this was Paola. But this time, something broke open in Danilo. In Latin America, the average lifespan for someone in the transgender community is 35 years.

Yo estaba muy triste. Martina: Invisibilizarla is to make her invisible. His family was pushing him to the margins of society as well. Just for being different.

Spanish Translation of “sorority” | Collins English-Spanish Dictionary

Danilo felt a burning urgency to do something, he needed to act. Martina: Danilo began by looking for LGBTIQ organizations where he could work with activists trying to improve conditions for his community in Ecuador. Danilo: El objetivo de nuestra comunidad era obtener visibilidad en la sociedad. Martina: Danilo threw himself completely into the LGBTIQ rights movement, which kept advancing legally, even when things were slow to change in real life.

The same year that Paola was killed, same-sex couples gained the right to civil unions. Danilo: Me llamaron para testificar en la corte en un caso muy importante en Ecuador. Martina: The case had to do with a candidate in the national elections.

Martina: Hate speech is a crime in Ecuador. So they took the candidate to electoral court and Danilo, who was becoming a prominent human rights activist, was called to testify. Martina: Danilo told the court that the media can be weaponized against marginalized groups. The most oppressed are at the mercy of the masses and the Pastor was mobilizing people against the LGBTIQ community through his hate speech.

Martina: The electoral court found Pastor Zavala guilty of hate speech. He had to pay a fine, and his right to run for office was suspended for a year. Danilo: Fue una victoria muy grande para nosotros. Martina: The Pastor was never elected into office. Martina: Danilo has since become a public figure fighting for equal rights and same sex marriage — a fight where he recently had a big win. Martina: On June 12th, the highest court in Ecuador approved same-sex marriage, arguing that its current marriage legislation was discriminatory and unconstitutional. This paves the way for same-sex marriage to become fully legalized by the legislature.

Martina: Danilo is seeing progress in his personal life as well.

Alfredo Olivas - El Paciente

After he moved out, he and his family continued to see each other and he never missed their weekly Sunday family lunches. It was , and Danilo was 30 years old. Fifteen years had passed since he had come out to his father. Danilo: Nos sentamos en la sala. He said he felt guilty for letting their relationship get so bad. He revealed he had been going to therapy and that now he understood the effects of his homophobia.

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