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Their club is finished renovating. Time to re-open the doors. Darko has a plan. Nigel hopes it works.


Drug running pays bills, but it never hurts to expand. Beth convinces her friend Adlai to enter what she thought was a harmless competition. Neither really planned for what it turned into. Absurdly, irrationally long new title is absurdly and irrationally long, and also new. But also super descriptive! Instead, to motivate myself to write and post more frequently, I'm reopening this one-shot collection and currently inviting readers to start submitting prompts again.

And I just started a new job too! This is such an awful wonderful idea! You can prompt me in the comments but only for this work, not on my other fics please or as an ask on Tumblr same username as AO3. My creativity flourishes best when I can play fast and loose in my interpretations of your prompts, so please keep this in mind! I work best from short, vague phrases or a sentence or two at most--not so well under lengthy paragraphs full of detailed, specific direction.


'Hannibal' Season 3 Finale, 'The Wrath of the Lamb,' Recap

Thanks in advance, guys, I look forward to hearing your ideas again! He was, he was, always, forever.

He'd been Hannibal's the moment the Alpha had cornered him in the bathroom at the club, already knowing his name. Demi-god Will is created by the goddess of earth to bring back the balance between a kingdom torn apart by the tyrannical king: Hannibal Lecter. King Lecter only gets the vision of his wedding with his soul-mate once Will, raised by nature, is touched by humankind. The only problem? The gods really like to speak cryptically, and finding his spouse-to-be is not as easy as the people around King Lecter, and the king himself, would like. My dad was a murderer.

Each episode went down like a glass of well-aged wine and the show broke a surprising amount of new ground despite airing on NBC. Both the novel and the movie failed to find the sizable audiences that had eaten up the previous adventures, whether they were on the silver screen or the written page. Add to that a synopsis that seemed to suggest Lecter was being turned into a sort of anti-hero cop, and the prospects for the series being anything more than a one-and-done procedural were slim.

‘Hannibal’ Releases Cast As Show Continues To Look For New Home

Then something crazy happened. During the first episode of the series, I had to keep checking to make sure I was actually watching the boundary-pushing series on network television. It instead begins quietly with the title of the series appearing briefly as we are introduced to Will Graham.

5 Pembunuhan Paling Sadis Dari Serial HANNIBAL - #MalamJumat - Eps. 1

Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen play the best screen versions of Graham and Lecter and their odd connection is clear and intriguing from the beginning. He took all of the best parts of the mesmerizing novel, jumbled them around and stitched everything back together to create a Frankenstein monster that was amazing to watch grow each week.

Pilots are often held back by the crutch that is the basic need to lay a foundation before you start building the actual house. Characters are mostly explained through action, rather than words.

Bloody Disgusting!

The spoilers death of Garrett Jacob Hobbs and the introduction of Abigail remain plot threads until the very end of the series. With an imprisoned doctor a perfectly cast Eddie Izzard trying to take credit for the crimes of the Ripper from behind bars, Lecter is faced with a dilemma that actually surprises him — surprise being a feeling he rarely comes across.

Revisiting the Five Best Episodes of NBC's "Hannibal" - Bloody Disgusting

The script showed off new layers to the show, as well as characters like Jack Crawford, an interesting Harris creation who never really got his full due on cinema screens. The story was wonderfully cheesy and yet written with a deadly serious tone. Explore the wide variety of local specialty shops, galleries and antique stores Hannibal has to offer. Looking to grab a bite or a pint?

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